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Mystic Machine Art

6 Inch 11 Tone Tongue Drum

6 Inch 11 Tone Tongue Drum

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Hit the tongue drum and fill the room with beautiful melodies! Our 6 Inch 11 Tone Tongue Drum is made from premium materials, providing a wonderfully nuanced sound. The perfect musical instrument for those looking to create their own melodic masterpieces. Let your inner beatmaker shine! 🎶

Product information:

Product Category: Tongue Drum
Material: carbon steel alloy
Color: 6-inch 8-tone-cinnabar red-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-stone green-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-sky blue-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-obsidian-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone- Gilt gold-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-snow purple-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-dream pink-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-navy-lotus style, 6-inch 8-tone-bronze-lotus style, 6 Inch 11-tone-cinnabar red-panda, 6-inch 11-tone-stone green-panda, 6-inch 11-tone-gilt gold-panda, 6-inch 11-tone-obsidian-panda, 6-inch 11-tone-bronze-panda Style, 6-inch 11-tone-snow blue-panda style, 6-inch 11-tone-dream pink-panda style, 6-inch 11-tone-navy-panda style, 6-inch 11-tone-sky blue-panda style
Size: see picture

Weight: 600g

Packing list:

Carbon Steel Alloy Ethereal Drum*1

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