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Mystic Machine Art

Dream Om Spacetime Mandala - Decorative Poster with Optional Frame

Dream Om Spacetime Mandala - Decorative Poster with Optional Frame

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Unleash your imagination with our Dream Om Spacetime Mandala - Experience size, softness, lightness, gloss and striking color reproduction.

Indulge yourself in the tranquility of Dream Om Spacetime Mandala, a decorative poster that will elevate your living space with its intricate design. Available in various sizes, this masterpiece is crafted with premium-quality materials to provide you an unparalleled visual experience. The softness and lightness of the paper seamlessly harmonize with the gloss finish to deliver exceptional color reproduction – a sight that will leave you mesmerized every time you lay your eyes on it. Opt for our optional frame to heighten the elegance quotient of this artwork and transform any room into an oasis of calmness and serenity. Immerse yourself in blissful relaxation as you gaze upon Dream Om Spacetime Mandala - truly a divine work of art!

  • The Dream Om Spacetime Mandala comes in a variety of sizes to fit any space
  • Its soft and light material makes it easy to hang without damaging walls
  • Gloss finish enhances color reproduction for an eye-catching display



1. Soft and light

2. Strong gloss 

3. Clear texture 

4. High color reproduction

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