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Mystic Machine Art

Crystal Stone Circular Mirror with Display Stand

Crystal Stone Circular Mirror with Display Stand

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Reflect upon your achievements with a touch of elegance - White crystal and natural materials crafted to perfection.

Behold the elegance of this Crystal Stone Circular Mirror with Display Stand! The award plate is made from a high-quality white crystal, which adds an authentic touch to your space. This commemorative plate comes with a display stand that will sit atop any surface ideally. It's not just another glass mirror; it has natural material that provides durability and appealing texture to its intricate design. With advanced surface technology, you can expect the highest quality reflection every time you look at it. Make sure your home stands out with this unique addition to decorate your place in style while celebrating significant accomplishments or personal milestones

  • Elevate your decor with a stunning white crystal mirror
  • Showcase your awards or commemorate special moments on the award plate
  • Enjoy the durability and beauty of natural materials in this circular mirror
  • Experience advanced surface technology that enhances clarity and reflection quality

Product information:

Material: white crystal

Category: award plate/commemorative plate

Material source: natural

Surface technology: polishing

Hanging form: decoration

Color: black

Dimensions: 6cm in diameter weighs about 40g, 8cm in diameter weighs about 130g, 10cm in diameter weighs about 260g, 12cm in diameter weighs about 430g, 15cm in diameter, 18cm in diameter, 20cm in diameter

Packing list:

1ᅲ mirror


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