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Kung Fu Tea Pot

Kung Fu Tea Pot

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Unleash the power of your tea ritual with our S999 sterling silver Kung Fu Tea Pot, handcrafted to perfection and packaged for exquisite gifting.

Behold, the exquisite beauty of the Kung Fu Tea Pot! Handmade with utmost care and precision, this silver tea set is a true masterpiece. Made from S999 sterling silver with a ceramic surface, it is not just any ordinary teapot - it embodies an air of sophistication and elegance that makes it perfect for hosting your next tea party. With its intricate design details and impeccable craftsmanship, owning this stunning piece will be like holding a work of art in your hands. Packaged in gift packaging fit for royalty, you can also give this as an exceptional gift to someone special who shares your love for fine things. The Kung Fu Tea Pot is sure to impress even the most discerning tea connoisseurs out there!

  • Elevate your tea experience with a handmade teapot crafted from S999 sterling silver
  • Impress your guests with an exquisite gift packaging that complements the beauty of this silver tea set
  • With its durability and timeless design, this teapot is a valuable addition to any collection or home decor

Condition: 100% brand new

Project Type: Teapot

Production: handmade

Material: S999 sterling silver interior wall, ceramic surface

Packaging: exquisite gift packaging

Size: Length 16 * Height 8.5cm

Capacity: 230ml

List: 1 * teapot

Benefits of using silver tea set:

1. The ancients said: Silver tea is brewed with boiling water to make the water more pure. If the water is not good, the silver tea set will change color. According to the silver tea sets seen in the past, there are handles made of vines. Because the heat transfer of silver is relatively fast, silver tea sets can save manufacturing time. Boil water.

2. The water quality of silver tea is softer than iron tea sets, the tea is more aromatic, and the tea soup is more pure. The silver ions and sodium ions released by white tea in boiling water have a disinfecting effect.

3. The sodium ions in the silver ions released by silver tea and tea can play a role in disinfection. A very small amount of silver is dissolved in water in the form of silver ions.

4. Silver ion sterilization, if the silver ion per liter of water contains one hundred billionth of a gram, it is enough to kill most bacteria. Silver tea with boiling water can make the water soft and thin.

The ancients said that if water is soft, it is as smooth as silk. It is not easy to rust and does not leave a strong tea soup flavor.

Maintenance method of silver tea set:

1. It is best to keep the water level between 80-90% of the total capacity of the pot. Otherwise, boiling water overflow will completely damage the heating wire of the heating furnace and cause other unnecessary dangers.

2. Do not heat the silver tea set without water, so as not to damage the weld due to high temperature.

3. The silver tea set can be heated by coal or electricity. The recommended tools are: electric heating wire oven, far infrared oven, electromagnetic heating oven, etc. If you choose an induction cooker, you need to purchase a mask induction cooker.

4. After each use, wipe off the water, and then gently wipe with a soft dry cloth.

5. If there is dirt or discoloration during use, please lightly polish with silver cloth or silver powder. If it is not used for a long time, please wipe it with a soft cloth or paper and store it in a cool place.

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