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Royal Couple -Coffee Cup With Crown Lid/Phone Stand

Royal Couple -Coffee Cup With Crown Lid/Phone Stand

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Indulge in the light luxury of our Royal Crown Mugs, a stylish and functional addition to your mug selection.

As you sip your morning brew, feel like royalty with the Royal Crown coffee cup. This mug is not your ordinary one, it comes equipped with a crown lid that's perfect for keeping your drink warm while also functioning as a phone stand! The elegant design and light luxury style make this product an exceptional addition to any home or office. What sets this mug apart from others in its product category is its multifunctional capabilities- not only can you enjoy your favorite beverage but also use it as a phone stand. Get ready to elevate your caffeine routine and add some sophistication to your day with the Royal Crown coffee cup.

  • Elevate your morning routine with our Royal Couple Mug, a stylish addition to any kitchen
  • Enjoy the light luxury of sipping from a cup fit for royalty, complete with crown lid and phone stand
  • Use it as a phone stand while you sip

Product information:

Product Category: Mug

Style: light luxury

Function: high temperature resistance

Item No.: White Crown Cup

Packing list :

Mug X1

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