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Mystic Machine Art

Natural Sodalite Crystal Blue Stone Crystal Ball Ornaments.

Natural Sodalite Crystal Blue Stone Crystal Ball Ornaments.

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Experience the magic of Sodalite with our polished crystal ball ornaments, available in various sizes.

Looking for a unique addition to your crystal collection? Look no further than this stunning Natural Sodalite Crystal Blue Stone Crystal Ball Ornament. Crafted from high-quality sodalite stone, this polished sphere boasts a rich blue hue that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who passes by. The intricate natural patterns and veins running throughout the sphere add an element of playful mystery, making it perfect for both casual display or serious meditation activities alike. Measuring in at approximately 2 inches in diameter, this crystal ball ornament is just the right size to fit perfectly into any space you choose to showcase it in - whether on a bookshelf surrounded by other crystals and books, or as part of an altar setup with incense burning nearby. Don't miss out on adding this beautiful piece to your collection!

  • Our Polished Sphere offers a smooth, tactile experience that promotes relaxation and stress relief

Product information: Material: Sodalite Stone Sphere

Size: 4-4.5cm, 4.5-5cm, 5-5.5cm, 5.5-6cm

Style: Polished Sphere

Packing list: Crystal ball * 1pcs

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