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Mystic Machine Art

Natural Rough Stone Carved Nested Crystal Ball

Natural Rough Stone Carved Nested Crystal Ball

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Unleash the raw beauty of nature with our carved nested crystal ball, a geometric ornament crafted from natural green stone.

Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of our Natural Rough Stone Carved Nested Crystal Ball. This product is a testament to true craftsmanship, with its geometric ornament carved from high-quality natural stone. Our team has carefully chosen stone crafts that feature hues of green to accentuate your living space's elegance and sophistication. The raw texture of this crystal ball creates an earthy feel that can bring balance and harmony into your home or office environment.

  • Add an element of nature to your living space with this exquisite piece of stone craft
  • Delight in the intricate details and one-of-a-kind patterns found in each natural stone carving

Product Details:

Category: Geometric Ornament

Material source: Natural Stone

Form: ornament

Pattern: plain

Color: Green

Package Contents:

Stone crafts X1

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