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Mystic Machine Art

Natural Rock Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Natural Rock Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

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Transform your living room into a tranquil oasis with the warm glow of our Rose Pink Square Carved Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp and its adjustable light source.

Introducing our elegant Square Carved Salt Lamp crafted from authentic Himalayan Rock Salt, in a beautiful Rose Pink hue - The perfect accessory to enhance the ambiance of your living room. Our salt lamp not only exudes an aura of sophistication but also emits negative ions that can purify and cleanse the surrounding air. With its adjustable light source feature, it offers versatility for any mood setting, making it an ideal decoration for creating a peaceful environment in your home. Additionally, our salt lamps are known to have therapeutic properties that promote relaxation and tranquility - So why wait? Bring this luxurious work of art into your living space now!

  • The square carved salt lamp adds a touch of elegance to any living room
  • Rose Pink Himalayan rock salt purifies the air for better breathing
  • Adjustable light source creates a relaxing ambiance for stress relief
  • Natural Rock Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp provides an eco-friendly lighting option

Product information:

Product name: Square carved salt lamp

Color: Rose Pink

Material: Himalayan rock salt

Size: Approximately 13cm in diameter

Weight: About 4.5kg

Light source: adjustable light source

Applicable space: living room, bedroom, store, etc

Packing list:

Night light * 1

Electrical outlet
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