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Salt Stone Simulated Flame Ionizing Aromatherapy Machine

Salt Stone Simulated Flame Ionizing Aromatherapy Machine

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Experience the ultimate relaxation with our USB plug-in aromatherapy machine - combining salt stone simulation, flame effect and ultrasound humidification in a sleek round design.

Are you looking for a unique and innovative way to enhance the ambiance of your room? Look no further than the Salt Stone Simulation Flame Aromatherapy Machine. This cutting-edge device combines USB plug-in convenience, humidification, aromatherapy benefits, and ultrasound technology in one sleek round design. Not only does it simulate the mesmerizing dancing flames of a fire pit with its LED light feature, but it also diffuses your favorite essential oils into the air for added relaxation and therapeutic effects. The ultrasonic humidification process helps to moisten dry indoor air while creating a calming atmosphere perfect for meditation or yoga practice. Upgrade your home décor game with this must-have piece today!

  • Enjoy the convenience of USB plug-in and experience a relaxing atmosphere anywhere
  • Humidify your space while enjoying calming aromatherapy with this innovative device
  • The ultrasound technology produces beautiful round flame-like simulations for added ambiance
  • With its multiple benefits, this salt stone simulation machine is a must-have for any wellness enthusiast seeking to enhance their surroundings

Product information:

Power supply mode: USB plug-in

Functions: humidification, aromatherapy, ultrasound

Shape: round

Noise: below 36dB

Timing function: 2-8 hours

Water tank capacity: 0.5L and below

Water shortage and power failure protection: Yes

Operation mode: mechanical

Color: white

Style: creative style, simple style

Type: fogged

Built in battery or not: no battery

Material: ABS/PP/hardware/electronic components

Power interface: DC interface

Input voltage: DC5V

Operating power: 5~6W

Water tank capacity: 360mL

Spray volume: 20~30ML/H

Product size: 150 * 150 * 132MM

Packing list:

One host, one charging line, two manuals (one in Chinese and one in English), and one package of salt stone

Electrical outlet
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