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Pendulum Dowsing - Pendulum Dowsing Cloth

Pendulum Dowsing - Pendulum Dowsing Cloth

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Discover the mystical realms with our Pendulum Dowsing Cloth - a stylish, plastic/resin material designed for accurate divination. Available in 30X30 color variants, enhance your journey today!

Introducing our exquisitely crafted Pendulum Dowsing Cloth, a must-have tool for those seeking spiritual guidance and insight. Expertly designed with precision, this stylish dowsing cloth is made from high-quality plastic/resin material to ensure durability and long-lasting use. With its convenient size information of 21 cm circumference and 50 cm diameter, it provides the perfect surface for accurate pendulum readings. Included in each packing list is a vibrant color 30X30 Ling Pendulum Table that complements the magic cloth impeccably. Enhance your divination practices with our exceptional Pendulum Dowsing Cloth today!

  • Enhance your divination skills with our Pendulum Dowsing Cloth, designed to provide accurate and reliable readings
  • Crafted from high-quality plastic/resin material, our Pendulum Dowsing Cloth ensures durability for long-term use

Product information:

Style: Pendulum Dowsing Cloth

Material: plastic/resin

Size information: Circumference: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)

Packing list : Size: 30cmX30cm

Magic cloth*1

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