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REAZ - Zabuton Meditation Chair - Japanese Tatami Mat

REAZ - Zabuton Meditation Chair - Japanese Tatami Mat

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Find peace and comfort on the floor with our Japanese-inspired meditation essentials.

Imagine a peaceful sanctuary in the comfort of your own home with our REAZ - Zabuton Meditation Chair - Japanese Tatami Mat. Designed to provide you with ultimate comfort during meditative practices, these floor seats bring an authentic Asian vibe into any space. The Embroidery Chair Cushion is crafted meticulously with intricate designs that symbolize good fortune and positive energy flow. Hand-woven from natural materials - offering both cushioning support and cultural sophistication to your tranquility space. Bring Japan's culture home while enriching body-mind-spirit balance through meditation practice on this unique arrangement – perfect for all levels!

  • Experience enhanced comfort during meditation with our Zabuton Meditation Chair, Japanese Tatami mat, and Embroidery chair cushion
  • Achieve a deeper level of relaxation and focus while sitting on our comfortable floor seats
  • The Zabuton Zafu combo or Tatami mat
  • The natural materials used in our Zabuton straw cushion ensure breathability, durability, and long-lasting support for your meditation practice

Product Description: Round - Handmade  

Dimensions: 45 * 45 * 5cm 

Material: Natural Straw Cover

Stuffing: memory foam  

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