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Wheat ear aroma machine humidifier

Wheat ear aroma machine humidifier

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Indulge in the soothing essence of wheat ear while powering up your home with our innovative humidifier.

Behold! The Wheat Ear Aroma Machine Humidifier, the perfect addition to your humble abode. Equipped with a robust power supply mechanism, this machine is ready to humidify your home like no other. With its efficient water tank capacity technology, you can relax knowing that it will run for hours on end without any interruptions. And if that wasn't enough already, this machine boasts an intelligent timing function that allows you to customize the duration of use according to your preference and schedule. Whether you choose to display its sleek design in the bedroom or living room- rest assured it will blend right in with ease while providing optimal results for all-day usage at home!

  • With a large water tank capacity, this wheat ear aroma machine humidifier can run for hours without needing to be refilled
  • The timing function allows you to customize the humidity levels in your home with ease and convenience
  • This powerful humidifier not only adds moisture to the air, but also releases a pleasant wheat ear aroma that will improve your overall well-being
  • Ideal for home use, this device is equipped with a reliable power supply that ensures long-lasting performance and efficient energy consumption

Power supply: AC

Timing function: 2-8 hours

Lack of water and power protection: support

Operation mode: mechanical

Rated voltage: 24v

Rated power: 10

Color: light grain, dark grain

Capacity: 700ml

Output: DC24V/ 0. 5A

Material: PP+ABS

Power: Max 10W

Size:168*11 5mm

Usage area: 20- -40m

Frequency: 2.4MHz

Input: 100V-240V AC

Noise: < 35db (A)

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